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Board of Directors:
Minot Magic City Lions
PO box 782
Minot, North Dakota
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Magic City Lions  charter banquet was October 11, 1969.  There were 30 members
in  the original Magic City Lions.  We currently have 40 members. One  of the
original members (Lion Jim Keller) is still in the Club.  See the orginal roster by
The Magic City Lions meets on Tuesdays at 7:30 am at the Parker Center, 21 1st
Ave SE, Minot, North Dakota.  The Club does not meet on Tuesdays following a
Monday holiday or the two weeks between Christmas & New Years.  Our business
meeting is the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
MISSION STATEMENT: To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for
humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services though community involvement and
international  cooperation.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Magic City Cross Country Meet Host
Relay for Life Survivors  Host
Zoofollies at Minot Zoo
Thanksgiving gift baskets
Texas Hold'em Tournament
Eye Tissue Transport
Lion's Mint Sales
Sponsor youth T Ball
Lion's All Star Basketball Game
Broadway Flower Boxes
Pancake Breakfast
German BeirFest
Purses for a Purpose
Jay Owenhouse Magic Show
Sight4Kidz vision screening
Coming Events
Magic City Lions Community
*North Dakota Leadership Seminar
*Lion's Foundation
*Great Plains Assistance Dogs
*Leader Dogs for the Blind
*ND Eye Bank
*Service Dogs of America
*Relay for Life
*Magic City Lion's Cross Country Meet
*Optimist Club
*Minot Boys Scouts
*Minot CVB
*Minot Girl Scouts
*Special Olympics
*Salvation Army
*After Prom party
*After Graduation Party
*Minot Recreation Program
*Garlic & Grape Fesitval
Lion Sarah Burckhard
Lion Ann Olson
Lion Gary Thuner
Lion Larry Galvin
Lion Josh Ressler
Fred Beuchler
1st Vice President
Kianna Parisien
2nd Vice President
Irene Gousheh
3rd Vice President
Susanne Hoskin
Lion Tamer
Bill Johnson
Tail Twister
Change Monthly
LeAnn Tennyson
Club Activities:
The Lions Creed

They achieve success, who lives
well,laughs often and loves much.
Who gains the respect of intelligent
people and the love  of little children
Who fills their niche and
accomplishes  their task.
Who leaves the world better than
they found it, whether by an
improved poppy, a perfect poem or a
rescued soul.
Who never lacks appreciation of
earth's beauty, nor fails to express it.
Who always sees the best in others
and gives the best they have.
Whose life is an inspiration and
whose memory is a benediction.

They are Lions!
Lion Jim Keller
The Magic City Lions worked at the Big One Craft Show as tickets
takers and door guards.  This is very good fund raiser for ou club.  
Thanks to all the Lions who volunteered for this event. November 2,3.
The Magic City Lions and the Young Professionals shopped at Cashwise for
11 complete Thanksgiving dinners for needy families.  We shopped and
delivered all the meals this morning
Great job to all who helped with this awesome project.  Happy Thanksgiving
to everyone
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The Magic City Lions has their annual Christmas
Bake Sale to raise money for the operating fund.
Again it was a great success because of the
generous , giving nature of our great Lions Club!
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Cindy Yale with Lion Gene Neal at our Jan 15
meeting. Cindy is with AARP. She spoke to us
about identity thief, scams, and fraud. Gave us tips
on how to be proactive in securing your personal
Lion Josh Ressler inducting Dr Josh Meske into the Magic City Lions.  Lion Josh's
sponsor is Lion LeAnn Tennyson. Welcome to our Lion Josh!
Jason Skjerven and Anna Schraeder with Lion Bill
Johnson at our Jan 22 meeting.  Jason and Anna
spoke about the upcoming Giving Hearts Day on
Feb 14.  Thanks for speaking to our club!
Pancake Breakfast
Badlands Restaura
nt March 30
Big One Craft Show
April 12-13
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Lion Nicole Swartwout with Dr Brent Askvig at our
Feb 5 meeting. Dr Askvig is the executive director for
the ND Center for Persons with Disabilities at MSU.
He gave a very informative talk on the work they do
throughout the state to provide services to children
and adults with disabilities.
PDG Lion Arland Fetch with DGE Lion Sherry
Fetch with Lion Bill Johnson at our Jan 29
meeting.  Lion Sherry presented a few milestone
awards and gave a nice talk on Lionism.
Lion President Fred Buechler with Lion Lynn
Grabow of Stanley. Lion Lynn is the 5NW
Zone Chairman. He paid us a visit on Feb 12.
Thanks for coming, Lion Lynn!
Savannah Young with Lion Josh Ressler at our Feb 19
meeting at the Zoo.  Savannah is the assistant general
manager of the Minot Saber Dogs, our minor league
baseball team. Thanks for speaking to our club.
The Magic City Lions donated $12,500 the Minot Zoo for the "Little Lions Den" Great job, Lions!
We hope it really helps make our zoo a must visit this summer.  Love the write up in the Minot Daily
News and the TV coverage!
Lion Nicole Swartwout with Megan Laudenshlager and
Lyndsay Ulrickson at our Feb 26 meeting.  Megan and
Lyndsay are with the Downtown Technical Committtee.
This committee is helping to look at needs and marketing
strategies to help redefine Minot's downtown by gathering
information and facts to help new economic growth.
Lion Marita Hoffart with Renee Escherich at
our March 5 meeting. Renee is from the
Wellington and spoke to our group about it.
The Magic City Lions volunteered to work at the Special Olympics
Basketball tournament on March 1,2.
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Andria Mueller and Lion Joanne
Branson at our March 19 meeting.
Andria gave very informative talk on
estate planning. Thanks for speaking to
our club, Andria!