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Melvin Jones Award

The Melvin Jones Fellowship is the backbone of the Lions Club International Foundation.  Presented to those who donate $1,000 to LCIF or to people for whom a donation was mad by others, it's a tremendous contribution to humanity and to the legacy of our founder, Melvin Jones. 

Receiving a Melvin Jones award is a great honor.  You must exhibit a commitment to Lions International and be an outstanding club member at the local level.  Magic City Lions is proud to say we have many Melvin Jones award winners and several progressive Melvin Jones Fellowships.


Laurel Abel 2020

Steve Belcher 2023

Fred Beuchler 2007

Jim Blomberg 1989

Kim Burckhard 2021

Sarah Burckhard 2008

Shannon Burckhard 2016

Scott Burlingame 2022

Joni Cruff 2021

Marsha Dupre 2020

Larry (Shelia) Galvin 1979

Kerry (Jerry) Hansen 2021

Karla Herzig 2018

Marita Hoffart 1997

Susanne Hoskin 2015

Jennifer Jerauld 2021

Michael Jerauld 2022

Jim Keller 1969

Cy Kotaska 1974

Leona Kotaska 2014

Don Larson 1974

Tracey (Kevin) Lawson 2001

Holly (Jeff) McElwain 2019

Josh (Kayla) Meske 2019

Christy Miller 2020

Gene (Cathy) Neal 1988

Tricia Nechodom 2012

Ann (Wyatt) Olson 2013

Carol Ova 2021

Jessica Phillips 2021

Josh (Kim) Ressler 2003

Shawna Reynolds 2022

Jeana (Dirk) Rynestad 2017

Jana Schultz 2020

David (Nancy) Snyder 1983

Mary Stark 2019

Ryan Stockie 2021

Nicole (Shawn) Swartwout 2010

LeAnn (MIchael) Tennyson 2017

Gary Thuner 2004

Lindsey Thuner 2019

Jalisa Tinnes 2020

Connie Wilson 2023

Rodney Wilson 2023

Mariel Zeller 2022

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